Management Consulting

One of South Africa’s most sought after resource in this time of massive change are skilled, competent managers who have confidence in themselves and their business.
Management Training

We place special focus on helping those who have the ability, but have not been exposed to an appropriate influence or experience, to build themselves into effective, efficient and competent managers of activities and leaders of our future generations.

Performance Management

All organisations, and indeed People, require clearly defined purposes, goals and measurements.

We assist with topics such as:

  • How to identify “Customers”

  • How to identify “Outputs”

  • How to develop “Performance Measures”

  • How to set “Targets”

Corporate Team/ Business Unit Coaching & Training

Bringing people together in order to understand each other, their business and ultimately themselves, forming a team with a vision of success based on adding value above all else.

Siyabumba have skills and experience available to support the Areas of PROJECT, CHANGE and PERFORMANCE Management.


Our experience, coupled with our driving belief that People need to be unleashed and not controlled, are key influences within these disciplines.

Change Management

Most organizations struggle to manage change in general. You can’t just train people and turn them loose. One should consider having a long-term, multifaceted approach to managing change. We are committed to focus on the long-term change. 

The key element in achieving successful transition is putting focus on the individual’s personal drive and subsequent involvement, towards the common goal.