Management Coaching

Small Business Development Consulting

We offer either a Coaching and Mentoring service or an Incubation service based on specific criteria determined prior to engagement, an example of the type of activities are reflected below:-

Initial Discussions
Review and acceptance of Siyabumba engagement agreement. Preliminary discussion on bunt ( business unit ) or consulting services.


Ensure Business understanding
Understand the basic business concept.


Define product/s
Document products and services.


Plan Marketing
Document how we are going to get paying customers.


Plan Operational activities
Document how we are going to provide our products and services into the future. This includes the management and resources required for delivery.


Prepare start-up project
Determine and document what do we need to do to get to the point where bunt income exceeds divisional expenses.


Prepare financial forecast
Document planned income and expenses at detail level. Include expenses to cover Siyabumba accounting and support.


Determine KPI’s
Determine, document and agree how we will know how the bunt is performing.


Determine shut down plan
Sometimes business ventures don’t work. If it doesn’t work what happens? Document the answer to this question.


Determine virtual shareholding agreements (if appropriate)
Who owns how many virtual shares.
What’s the dividend policy.
What virtual shareholding changes are allowed and how do they change.
What’s the plan to convert virtual shareholding to real shareholding.
What are shareholders responsible for.
What are shareholders not allowed to do.


Review business plan
Review the documentation and assess viability. Determine and document major assumptions and risks. Make decision to proceed or to change the plan.


Schedule business kick-off meeting
Schedule official business kick-off meeting.


Participate in kick-off meeting
Review and sign all division documentation.


Establish virtual entity (BUNT) or trading entity
Request accountants to establish a division within Siyabumba, provide accountants with divisional financial guidelines.


Open bank account
Open a bank account specifically for the division.


Complete the planned start-up project
Execute the plan documented in the bunt preparation phase.


Manage the business
Manage the business as agreed during the planning and preparation.